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servicejunkie’s curiosity blog is where I share my research, learning and thinking on any subject, topic, thing or person that stimulates further curiosity.

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Welcome to my inner world of wonder and curiosity…

image_richard arnottIn 2009, I set up as an independent consultant in Bristol, which is in the South West of the UK, working through my own practise, servicejunkie. I have been engaged on a diversity of consulting work across the private, public and social sectors.

Working independently has allowed me to continuously learn and participate in Service Design projects, which have mainly (but not exclusively) focused on facilitating design activities at the front end of the innovation process, designing with people who are not trained designers. The collaborative approach of Service Design has required a gradual shift away from my former designer-as-expert professional practise, towards a more participatory approach, requiring different skills.

Formerly an expert industrial and interaction designer and project manager, I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most well-respected design firms in London, such as IDEO | Fitch | Seymour Powell | Tangerine and Hollington, consulting on product and interaction design for their global clients; AT&T | BT | Cable and Wireless Communications | Kodak | Sony Ericsson.

Ever since then I’ve been continuously learning-by-doing, reflecting on and sharing what I have learned mostly via @servicejunkie