service design is the new management consultancy

I have just had an interesting phone conversation with a potential new client curious about how Service Design and co-design can help organisations facing accelerated change in all areas they do business.

In enlightened organisations, those that are using design to help them create great customer experiences, which create loyalty and trust and therefore repeat business, the sources of innovation have become more open, as organisations search for new ways to create innovative products and services that create value for customers.

** “Co-design is the new change management, and service design is the new management consultancy”

Global companies as diverse as Lego, Apple, eBay and Proctor and Gamble have succeeded in embedding co-design – as a creative way of tapping into the tacit knowledge of users, customers, experts and employees. Co-design is a collaborative process, which  aims to seek insights that can capture the ‘spark’ for innovative new ideas that, through a series of creative workshops, can be managed, nurtured and refined, before being communicated more widely to business stakeholders.

Service Design offers business a collaborative framework to understand, explore and identify new opportunities to create value for the business and for the customer.

“Change management is about managing resistance to imposed change. Co-design is about defusing resistance before it occurs.”

As an innovation consultant phrased it at Ignite Bristol recently, designing with people rather than for them using co-designmeans that there is nothing to resist…”

So consider Service Design next time you are thinking about how to create sustainable competitive advantage, using the best ‘knowledge assets’ that you already have access to… people!

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** from Joel Bailey’s blog (link broken)

ⓒ richard louis arnott 2010


About servicejunkie

i AM servicejunkie “A designer works through and for other people, and is concerned primarily with their problems rather than his own” — Norman Potter, What is a designer? (1969) In my view, the only important thing about design is how it relates to people and this belief lies at the heart of everything I do and have ever done as a designer. My passion is using people-centred design as a process to make things better for people. I design and facilitate creative workshops, which enable people to learn how to ‘think and do like a designer’ co-designing solutions that create new forms value for the people the organisation serves, its customers. My purpose is to serve, by helping my clients frame more human problems to solve using design thinking and codesign. My integrity reflects a consistency in my actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.
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