Discovery Day

iNets Creative Industries commissioned servicejunkie to design and facilitate a one day workshop, held on 8th February 2011, which would demonstrate the potential for innovation across five different iNets industry sectors, each with their own innovation culture, barriers, processes and challenges.

By bringing cross-sector iNets stakeholders together to participate in a Discovery Day workshop, people had an opportunity to work together, co-create potential solutions, share knowledge and strive to create opportunities where new ideas could flourish in the knowledge overlaps between sectors.

The Discovery Day was designed to lead participants through a rapid design process to demonstrably answer the key challenge: “How can open collaboration between the iNets add to our understanding of innovation, break down the barriers to innovation and create opportunities for new ideas and new sources of knowledge”

“The emergence of open innovation in many contexts has demonstrated the power of creativity embedded in people whose job titles are not ‘designers’ or ‘inventors’. However, in order to make use of this powerful yet tacit knowledge in innovation, people who have the ability to unlock creativity and empower participants are required. The rise of professional design facilitators is a practical response to this emerging need for generating new knowledge from the basis of sharing and exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge”.

servicejunkie put a bespoke team together for the workshop, consisting of designers working in graphic design, design strategy and user experience (UX) design and tested the team to help create and co-facilitate a workshop Discovery Day for multiple stakeholders.

Thirty-eight participants at the Discovery Day were led through a tightly-timed workshop, where the facilitation team prompted and captured the participants collective experience and knowledge to ensure that the co-development of solutions had relevance to the challenge

Using a design process would potentially create more value through the mobilisation of interdisciplinary and cross-sector competitive teams working together to generate new ideas to try to solve the selected innovation challenge. The outcome was 4 co-created proposals which iNets could support, through further Service Design development.

What happens next will depend on how iNets develops as a ‘network of networks’ and servicejunkie would like to provide Service Design expertise, when that time comes.

References: Han, Q (2010) Practices and Principles in Service Design: Stakeholder, Knowledge and Community of Service

A film of the servicejunkie workshop by Bristol filmmaker Benjie Croce, commissioned by iNets South West through South West Screen

ⓒ richard louis arnott 2010


About servicejunkie

i AM servicejunkie “A designer works through and for other people, and is concerned primarily with their problems rather than his own” — Norman Potter, What is a designer? (1969) In my view, the only important thing about design is how it relates to people and this belief lies at the heart of everything I do and have ever done as a designer. My passion is using people-centred design as a process to make things better for people. I design and facilitate creative workshops, which enable people to learn how to ‘think and do like a designer’ co-designing solutions that create new forms value for the people the organisation serves, its customers. My purpose is to serve, by helping my clients frame more human problems to solve using design thinking and codesign. My integrity reflects a consistency in my actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.
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