I love Café Kino

On tuesday 9th November I woke up with just one thought flowing through my mind…

I love Café Kino!

After that first lively thought, others began to flow and I began to visualise a business card, then the words on the back of it. As the minutes elapsed in my half-sleepy state, what began to take shape in my mind was a new design project to explore and try to understand the tangible social value created by a very special community Café in the heart of Bristol’s cultural quarter, Stokes Croft.

What made this project timely was the realisation that the new Café Kino may not be able to recreate the same intimate social experience and atmospheric character of the original, once it had moved to its brand-spanking-new premises, just a few paces down the road.

Later that day I decided I would call in to propose a small co-design project to try and capture the essential spirit of the Café Kino experience. After all, this is where I had often found a welcome distraction from my tireless work creating my firstService Design agency, servicejunkie, most of which happens in my home studio, just two or three minutes away.

Café Kino is something of an enigma, its intimacy, its quirkiness, its engaging young staff, its ‘magic’ formula for salad dressing, its curly fries and deliciously vegan ‘Kino burgers’. This folks, is something really special to discover when in an eclectic, but tightly-knit community of graffiti artists, writers, designers, students, hippies, social entrepreneurs and Stokes Croft’s homeless citizens.

©2010 richard louis arnott


About servicejunkie

i AM servicejunkie “A designer works through and for other people, and is concerned primarily with their problems rather than his own” — Norman Potter, What is a designer? (1969) In my view, the only important thing about design is how it relates to people and this belief lies at the heart of everything I do and have ever done as a designer. My passion is using people-centred design as a process to make things better for people. I design and facilitate creative workshops, which enable people to learn how to ‘think and do like a designer’ co-designing solutions that create new forms value for the people the organisation serves, its customers. My purpose is to serve, by helping my clients frame more human problems to solve using design thinking and codesign. My integrity reflects a consistency in my actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.
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